Welcome to Your Canyon Lake Jetovator Flight Experience

jetovator jet pack rentals


Come Experience the thrill of a Jetovator flight with us on Canyon Lake.


jetovator jetpacksCome have some fun with us and learn to fly the Jetovator water propelled Jet pack right here at canyon lake TX.

Our water-propelled jetpack elevates aquatic adventurers up to three stories above the sea’s surface during heart-pumping 15-30-minute flights.

Canyon Lake Adventures knowledgeable certified trainers acquaint students with basic jetovator jetpack techniques, including how to take off, steer, and dive like a dolphin on the new Jetovator.

The Jetovator jetpack sends aquateers soaring securely into the air, where three water nozzles enable freedom of movement in any direction. Instructors man the throttle remotely keeping up communication via walkie-talkie

jetovator jetpack rentals canyon lake tx


jetovator jetpack rentalsWater Jet Packs are at the cutting edge of extreme watersports. Find your balance a water powered jet pack and you will be flying through the air like a Super Hero or swimming like a dolphin in no time. The intuitiveness of the the Jetovator Jet Pack , along with the assistance of an instructor, has most people flying high in under 10 minutes. Jetovator jetpacking is for everybody so come and experience a Jetovator Jetpack adventure for yourself today!

You are now one step closer to flying the Jetovator water propelled jetpack! Our unique system provides one-on-one personal training conducted by certified flight instructors. During the lesson you will learn proper steering controls, floating positions, low taxi, high taxi, free flight and of course landing. Most people are up and flying in a few short minutes!




How does Jetovator jetpack work?
The Jetovator works on a water propulsion system. The Jetovator is connected by a hose to a jet ski and is propelled by the water from the jet ski intake. Using his or her weight, the rider directs the Jetovator left or right, up or down while the Jetovator operator in the jet ski controls the speed and direction of the flight path.

Is there an age limit?
All riders must be 12 years or older. 17 year old flyers and younger must have parents/guardians permission.

I'm not too athletic. Is Jetovator difficult to do?
Anyone can ride the Jetovator with about 10 minutes of instruction and training. Jetovator is easy to operate and just takes a little bit of courage and adventurous spirit.

How much and where to order?

Right Here Call 830-832-4155 Jetovator Sales ( Click Here )

​When can I pick up my Jetovator after purchase?
You must complete your required training and sign our Liability Release Form prior to pickup. Just call us to schedule your initial training package.

Does the Jetovator come with a propulsion unit?
No, the Jetovator does not come with a propulsion unit. The Jetovator is an accessory to a PWC (Personal Watercraft).

What type of watercraft or PWC (Personal Watercraft) is recommended for the best results?
There is no certain brand or model that is recommended. The adapter plate that allows you to connect the Jetovator to your own PWC will fit all major brands and models. As long as your PWC is more than 130HP then you’re ready to bolt on a Jetovator

How deep does the water need to be to operate the Jetovator?
It is required that there be a minimum depth of 8 feet of water when flying at or below 15 feet, and a minimum depth of 12 feet of water when flying at heights of 15 feet and above.

Can I fly the Jetovator off of my dock or pier?
No, it is strongly advised to NEVER fly the Jetovator over or near any solid structures such as piers, docks, or other floating vessels.

Will the Jetovator work in saltwater?
Yes! the Jetovator works in both salt and fresh water. When being used in salt water, just be sure to rinse off the entire the Jetovator after every use with fresh water.

More questions please call 830-832-4155


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